Forever Winter

Coming May 19!

Steve Borgia should be happy that Autumn Winters is back in his life.A drunken brawl with a prostitute has cost Steve his teaching job, though, forcing him to flip burgers at the Greece Hut. Plus, Steve never knows if, or when, Autumn’s going to skip town again.

Fed up with his fast food career, Steve decides to follow in his famous father's footsteps and return to the wrestling ring. The money's good, but the new job is taking its toll on both his body and his relationship with Autumn. Even if they get past their tumultuous breakup/make up, will Steve be in any condition to enjoy it?

Meanwhile, electric guitar virtuoso and arachnid expert Eleanor Crawley has to navigate her own crisis. When her boyfriend Phil is caught in a compromising position with a co-worker and the image goes viral on social media, she is utterly humiliated. But is dumping Phil for a guy like quintessential “lady's man” Rich Richards really a good idea? And if she could only quit dreaming about being in bed with Steve...and Autumn…

Forever Winter takes you from the mean streets of New York City to the neon lights of Tokyo. You’ll laugh, you’ll sigh, and you’ll be glad you came along for the ride.

Forever Autumn


Available now!

Life's going well for Steven Borgia. Sure, he may not be a famous professional wrestler like his father, the legendary Deathslayer, but he has carved out a niche for himself as a Kindergarten teacher in New York City. There's only one thing missing; Someone special to share his life with.

When Steve meets the sharp-tongued Autumn--a big wrestling fan--he's mesmerized by her sarcastic and bold personality. Feisty and foul mouthed, she seizes life by the throat and refuses to let it go. Though they may seem like opposites, they compliment each other very well. After all, differences make good sparks, and there are plenty of sparks both in and out of the bedroom...

Steve's new happiness is threatened when Autumn's life is in jeapordy, and the only one who can save her is the estranged father she hasn't seen in fifteen years. 


Hilarious and heartwarming, Forever Autumn takes you on a journey that will tickle you in more ways than one.

I truly enjoyed this story and all of the characters! Steven is just awesome and I really just wanted to hug him.  Jenn, the Geekery Book Review

We the People: Inalienable

Coming July 1st!

Morticia Thane has a problem. It's not the fact that she has no memories before two years ago, or even the fact that she can't die. Thane has been abducted by a top secret military unit, whisked away to a hidden facility in the desert by the stalwart but ruthless Captain Bast.

Thane meets a group of misfits like herself, and discover that they're not mere prisoners but the last line of defense against a threat from beyond the stars. Can Thane and the others find a way to win? Or will the human race become extinct at the hands of an alien virus?



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